My Yoga Journey: Introduction

Today it happened. I had found it. And I got in. In one year’s time I am going to be a yoga teacher certified by worldwide Yoga Alliance. After our 3rd BoostCamp last weekend I got this strong intuitive feeling that participating in the yoga teacher program (RYT 200) would be the Thing I need into my life right now. It had suddenly become one of my life dreams. I will deepen my knowledge and skills. I will teach yoga.


Originally I found yoga 15 years ago when I moved to Helsinki from my home village. I was 19 years old and full of energy and frustration. Yoga helped me to relax and concentrate. It gave me peace. Since then I have practiced it regularly under the guidance of different yogi’s. Dynamic flowing Astanga has been my favorite but I respect also Yin which really challenges me. The greatest influencer on my path has been lovely Satu Tuomela whose warm, caring teaching style I just love. I want to be like her – my idol.


Looking back helps me realize how important part of my life practicing yoga has been. I have tested and enjoyed multiple sports seasonally but only yoga (even during the darkest times) has always stayed in my weekly program. With being active in the nature it fulfills the need of spirituality in me, and makes me comprehensively feel healthy and inspired. It is my way of living.


Today while walking my daily evening walk in the forest I felt very light and happy. I am looking forward to start the program already next weekend. Lets see how it feels. I will tell you then… :)

Satu is now a certified yoga teacher and will be teaching yoga and meditation on our BoostCamp weekend on the 3-5 May 2019! Read more about the BoostCamp HERE.


-Satu, Goodboost

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