Besides events and bootcamps, we offer individual and group coaching. The aim is always the health and well-being of the client and of course to make measurable results! We also do fitness level tests and body screening. Contact us to find out more!

We can help you for example in these subjects:

  • Need a plan that really makes you achieve your goals in sports, nutrition or overall wellbeing?
  • Want to have fun and train together with a coach?
  • You feel tired and need more energy and balance?
  • Want to loose weight?
  • Want to build up muscle?
  • Suffer from high cholesterol / high blood pressure / similar and want to treat it with a diet?
  • Want to start a healthier lifestyle in general?
  • Want to get tips on how you can improve your diet?
  • Want to achieve your sports goals and boost performance?

Coaching is mostly done in Berlin and in Helsinki. The nutrition coaching can be done online without a face-to-face meeting. If you are interested, please fill in the contact form.


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