Get to know Satu!

Satu is one of the organizers and trainers at the BoostCamp event in Finland, Hanko, on the 22-24 September 2017. Now you can get to know her a little bit better.


GoodBoost: Hi Satu! Can you tell a bit about yourself? You founded GoodBoost with Anni, right?

Satu: Yes I am a happy founder of GoodBoost together with Anni. It has been an exciting journey so far to build this sports & wellness concept as inspiring as possible!

Sports and healthy living have always been my greatest passion. When I was younger I competed in high jump and floorball. Since then I have enjoyed all kind of sports concentrating nowadays mostly on hiking, cycling, climbing, yoga, and gym. I have always been interested in learning right kind of nutrition and overall wellness habits as well.

In the year of 2013, I got this enlightening moment that made me realise I spend too much time in the office doing work content that did not touch my heart enough. I took a “Leap of Faith” and quit my safe, well paid job. Since then I have determinedly targeted to combine my passions with the business. I have now studied Sports Medicine Science and worked in the field of Sports Marketing. In August I will start a new job at Fazer Food Services that leads me more into the world of food. The culinarist inside of me cannot wait to be involved in the development of the Nordic and Baltic food industry!


GB: How do you take care of your own health?

Satu: Well I work out and eat nutritive food diversely, and prioritize a good night sleep. I don’t smoke and just in some special occasions I drink alcohol. My latest fad has been taking “alone time” and just lay down in the dark room staring the ceiling like an hour or so. It really refreshes the mind!


GB: What is your favorite sport?

I love being active outdoors with my dog and friends. It is a very good feeling to have hours of hike, maybe do some climbing in the between and just enjoy the nature and the company. On the other day, I can go mountain biking or snorkeling/swimming. My outdoor days are very versatile. I totally want to include more adventurous activities into BoostCamp programs as well.

work-out challenge

GB: You have a very healthy lifestyle. Do you have any vices?

Satu: I certainly do have! I cannot refuse popcorn, ice cream, and salty licorice! 😀 I also enjoy a good wine and Coca Cola Zero sometimes. I’m not especially proud of the last one but hey I think it tastes good and heals my sweet tooth.

Another vice is being too much online: surfing, reading, watching clips and playing. During that I usually just lay down being physically inactive. But I just need that. There is a little nerd inside of me.


GB: A lot of people work so much that they eventually get a burnout. You have been also suffering some sort of burnout symptoms. How would you advise people to take care of themselves and prevent burn out?

Satu: Yes, I used to work 24/7 with too fast pace. I gave my all but in the end the work didn’t give enough back. I burned out. The most important learning was that there is no such job worth losing everything else from the life.. and most importantly one`s health.

We should remember to keep the calm attitude towards work. The load doesn’t go away. It’s still there tomorrow or next week or even later. Nobody is irreplaceable. The company still manages if you give just productive 8 hours per day.


GB: You will be soon working in the office again. How would you advise people to find a good work-life balance?

Satu: Well, it’s very important to take breaks from hours of sitting! After 45 minutes you should at least stand up and stretch a little. In today´s offices we sit all the time. That kills us slowly. Sitting has a connection to the occurrence of several long-term illnesses.

And as I said earlier it is important to separate the work and free time. Don’t take your work home or if you have to / want to work at home make it clear when you stop working. Go out or start to do totally something different. Usually a good workout after work takes my mind away from work and refreshes the body to enjoy the evening with the loved ones.


GB: You will be one of the trainers at the BoostCamp. What kind of classes will you teach there

Satu: At least functional training, HIIT, mobility classes… The program is flexible depending on the needs of participants. I will also plan our diet for the weekend with Anni.


Join our next BoostCamp weekend in Hanko and meet Satu and the other trainers and get a nice gateway from your work and hectic life. Read more about the BoostCamp HERE.


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