Get to know Sara, fitness trainer and osteopath!

Sara Lexmond is a fitness trainer and osteopath and also one of the organizers and trainers at the BoostCamp event in Finland. Now it is time to get to know her a little bit better :)

GoodBoost: Hi Sara! Can you tell a bit about yourself and your work as an osteopath? How did you become interested in that field?

Sara: Hi! My work as an osteopath is very interesting! As a young passionate dancer, I became interested in the human body and how it works and functions. After graduation from high school my aim was to direct towards physiotherapy school, but after different occasion I found myself studying osteopathy! I got the feeling that in osteopathy the knowledge of human anatomy and physiology goes even deeper and that was what I wanted to learn.

Before studying osteopathy I studied in the sports field to become a sports instructor. Since then I have been working in different sports centers as a fitness trainer.


GB: How do you take care of your own health?

Sara: Eat well, exercise well, sleep well, repeat! 

And keeping in mind that these are variables: sometimes you need more sleep, sometimes an extra boost from food or sometimes even a chocolate bar 😉

GB: Do you have your favorite sport and if so, what is it?

Sara: I love all kind of dance classes! I´m not a big fan of gym, so I´m very happy that I have found body weight training, especially when you can exercise outside!

GB: In your work, you see a lot of people with different problems with their bodies. What in your opinion is the biggest reason why people are in pain? What should we do differently?

Sara: The amount of movement and sitting are not in balance! Unfortunately there is so much sitting in our everyday life versus movement. My dance teacher says that she thinks there should be 8 hours of movement per day. I must agree that there´s a good point behind it 😉

Human bodies have a wide variety of range of movement.  We definitely need to use this capacity better!

GB: You will be one of the trainers at the BoostCamp. What kind of classes will you teach there?

There will be some pilates, body weight training, some mobility and flexibility training and also a bit of games  and relays!

The BoostCamp Finland weekend will take place on 21-23 April in Hanko, in the beautiful Finnish archipelago. It will be a great mixture of sports, strength training, HIIT, yoga, and meditation. It is an all inclusive package, meaning the price includes all meals, all activities as well as accommodation. There you have the chance to ask Sara about body movement! Read more about the BoostCamp weekend and sign up here

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Enjoy your day! :)


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