Get to know Milla, yoga and meditation teacher!

Milla is a Finnish yoga teacher living at the moment in Salzburg. She will be teaching yoga and meditation during our Boostcamp weekend in Finland in April. Now it’s time to get to know her and her thoughts about wellbeing a little bit better :) Milla’s own facebook page you can find here.


GoodBoost: Hi Milla! Can you tell a bit about your work as a yoga teacher? How did you become interested in that field?

Milla: Yes. Of course! After 5 years of professional dance studies, when I was in my early twenties, despite all the training and hard work we did with our bodies, I didn’t feel good inside. My body was stuck, I had a lot of imbalances and emotionally I was not feeling good either. So I wanted to concentrate on my own well-being and simply feeling good! I was looking ways to heal myself and  I ended up in an ashtanga yoga school. After the first classes, I completely fell for it. Yoga allowed me to go deeper into my body and movement and also connect with myself in a new way. It became a tool to heal myself and after some time I was completely hooked.

GD: How do you take care of your own health?

Milla: For me, health is a journey inwards and includes all the areas of life. It means good physical, emotional and mental health. Basically, your whole life is inside this word. Your relationships, work, everything is included. That is why I am so interested in the physical exercise that includes all the aspect of life, which includes you as a person.

Yoga is a great tool not only to take care of your physical body but also to take care of your emotional and mental body too. It is a way of getting more aware and a way to know yourself better. With this expanded awareness, you can make more conscious choices and understand life and yourself on a deeper level. That’s what I am ultimately interested at.

So yoga is a really my medicine and tool to take care of myself. I usually always start my mornings with meditation and yoga. Sometimes concentrating more on physicality and sometimes more on meditation. Also being in nature, taking long walks with my babies is an important part of taking care of my health nowadays. Not forgetting healthy food and chocolate 😉

More about Milla, our yoga teacher at the boostcamp holiday in Finland

GB: Yes. You are a mother of two young twin boys. How do you find time to exercise?

Milla: I have been fortunate enough to have my man at home the entire first three months. So I always find time, and I take it. For me doing my practice is so important, so my motivation to move and do it is very high. It keeps me balanced and strong and helps me to be a better mom too.

I think as new moms, at some point when you feel your body is ready to get back into the practice, you just have to take the time. Ask your man, friends or family to take care of your babies in the meanwhile. Find a sport or an exercise you like and do it! The most important thing is still your own well-being! Then you have the energy to be with your babies too. Also doing something with your babies is a great idea. I’m finding out ways to do yoga with my babies.

GB: Let’s jump to another subject. You do Kundalini Reiki treatments. How does it work? What happens during the treatment?

Milla: Yes. I try my best to explain :) So in Kundalini Reiki treatment we heal both body, mind, and spirit through the human energy field. The treatment always works from inside out bringing to the surface whatever is ready to come out and work with it. It is an inner journey, bringing the person closer to himself, by releasing and healing any blockages and imbalances in your body and mind.

When a baby is born, we are born here as pure and perfect, even though we have our own karmic package too. Within the years of growing up, usually, everyone experiences some challenges and traumatic events. And when we block the experience that time from ourselves, we create a physical block in our body too. These blocks can become like walls around our true self, stopping or weakening the natural flow of energy, eventually causing illness in the physical body. In Kundalini Reiki treatment we work with these blocks, and distorted mental patterns, releasing them and therefore allowing the natural flow of life run through us freely again. Which again brings us closer to our true nature.

The BoostCamp Finland weekend will take place on 21-23 April in Hanko, in the beautiful Finnish archipelago. It will be a great mixture of sports, strength training, HIIT, yoga, and meditation. It is an all inclusive package, meaning the price includes all meals, all activities as well as accommodation. There you have the chance to try out Milla’s treatments as well! Read more about the BoostCamp weekend and sign up here

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