February Workout Challenge: Don´t let the cold get you!

Do you also feel like it’s a lot harder to stick to your workout schedule and healthy diet during the winter months? Does the darkness and coldness of winter make you feel more tired, gloomy and hungry? Would you also rather just stay under the blankets drinking hot drinks and eating delicious carbs?

That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling this winter.

Normally I’ve been able to forget about the worst fatigue. Even during the coldest and stormiest winter days I’ve found myself at the gym, taking classes or outdoors doing different sports, and also I’ve been able to eat healthily, but this winter – aaargh. What’s wrong with me? Just when I’ve decided to go work out, I’ve gotten so tired, cold or down and have just cuddled under the blankets instead. After the festive season of Christmas and New Year I noticed my body was feeling sluggish, my belly was swollen and I felt down.

By mid-January I decided that things couldn’t continue this way. I had gotten so lost and even depressed. I made myself exercise at least a little bit. Just walking outside in the fresh air did wonders. Feeling down changed to joy! At the same time I changed carbs to a more cleansing diet recommended by Anni. During these past two weeks I’ve already started feeling a lot better. Both my mind and body have now recovered enough that I can start a workout program again.

February Workout challenge

I planned the following program for the first three weeks of February. To make training fun again and to make myself eager for the following workout, I don’t want a schedule that’s too binding and strict for the first weeks. I can choose how and when during the day I want to work out, as long as I remember to adjust my diet to support my workouts. A good workout is something that will wake the muscles up and make them stronger for activities that will exhaust them, while at the same time steadily burning calories. They should also maintain and help recover as well as improve the mobility and motor coordination of the limbs.

3-week workout schedule:

  • (morning) aerobic 30-60 min x 3 per week (walking, running, biking/spinning, swimming, exercise classes, ball games etc.)
  • whole body weight lifting, weights 60% of your maximum weights x 2 per week (at the gym or for example body pump)
  • body maintenance x 1 per week (pilates, yoga or stretching)

If there’s a day when there’s no time for exercise, you can replace aerobic exercise by for example walking or biking to work. You should add functional exercise to your daily routines otherwise too, if you haven’t already done it.

Join me on the workouts and let me know on the comments below how it’s going! Later on I will post examples on for instance whole body weight lifting exercises. Let’s see if we get the workouts going more steadily now! Good luck!


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