BoostCamp 22-24 September 2017, how was it?

Our third BoostCamp weekend was held in Hanko, Finland, on the 22-24 September 2017. We had rented a house that was part of the Högsand educational center, near the seaside. The location was perfect for this kind of weekend since we were able to train both on the beach and in the forest. Our accommodation was a big house, where we had 10 rooms (1-3 people in one room) and common kitchen and living room. My mom and Satu’s mom were working for us in the kitchen and prepared healthy and delicious breakfast, snack and evening snacks for us. Lunch and dinner we ate at the canteen. We had a lot of healthy and nutritious food and snacks and I’m sure no one had to be hungry at any time! Thank you also Foodin, Planti, Goodio and Ruohonjuuri for sponsoring some delicious snacks for us :)

Again, the weather was on our side and we got to enjoy the beautiful Finnish autumn nature with a lot of sunshine. For September, it was incredibly warm and some people even went swimming in the sea (me included!).

Our BoostCamp weekend started on Friday around 5 pm with coffee, tea and something to eat. This time we had 8 participants, 7 women, and 1 man. After the welcome information and snack, we got sweaty with some playful games like relays and tag and finished the day with yoga and sauna.

DAY 1:

BoostCamp day 1

Team Relays on Friday


Playing tag – it was so much fun!


Our program on Saturday and Sunday included, for example, strength training, cardio and HIIT training, fascial training and mobility, yoga, team challenge, nutrition workshop and a dream workshop. Anni and Satu were responsible for all the workouts and Elina Norell was there to teach yoga, meditation and she also guided us through an inspiring Dream Workshop.

DAY 2:


Strength training guided by Satu




HIIT sprints up the hill guided by Anni




Dream Workshop guided by Elina

For me, the best part of the weekend was to see people smiling and laughing and hear the good comments and feelings about the weekend. “This was the best day of my Autumn,” said one client on Saturday after our evening sauna.

DAY 3:


Team Challenge



Some testimonials from the weekend:

“Thank you so much for this weekend! The weekend was just amazing. Workouts were good and totally enough, food was good, timetable worked well. Will definitely join next time as well!”

“Location was awesome for this kind of weekend. The program was good: good that there was also softer training  and some own time.”

“Thank you for everything! Food was really good: I don’t remember when I ate this well last time 😀 Everything worked well together, the program was planned well. This weekend gave me even more than I expected!”


We are already planning the next BoostCamp for spring 2018! The exact dates are 4-6 May 2018 – so book your calendars already! If you want that we inform you when all the details are live, don’t hesitate to leave a comment on this blog or write us an email:

Enjoy the Xmas time and take care of yourself! Hope to see you in May!




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