A guest interview: behind the blog ‘Do It Today’

We are starting a series of interviews on our blog, where we interview interesting personalities who are in one way or another committed to healthy and sporty lifestyle. We start today with Amanda Silver, who is a fitness instructor student and a sport-blogger from Finland. She is writing a blog called Do It Today.


GB: Hi Amanda! Nice to meet you. :)  So you are studying to become a sport instructor. Why did you decide to start studying that?

A: Hi! :) Sports and wellness are my passions, and I sincerely want to help others taking care of themselves and exercising.  First I thought about other options as well but sports took the victory. It seemed to be my calling.

GB: You also do cross fit like everybody else in Finland nowdays. What is so special about crossfit?

A: The best thing about cross fit is versatility and exceeding your own expectations. I like to learn new cool stuff and there is enough of them in cross fit. Currently my project is to learn to walk with hands only.  I am also interested in learning the movements done using only your own body weight. It is nice to master something not everyone can do.
I have always seen myself more as a resistance trainer than a cardio trainer.  In cross fit you get to lift heavy weights which makes you feel so good about yourself. Also exercising in a group is a plus. Other people give you so much support that you don’t want to give up.

DSC_0098 amanda paaalas

GB: You are a sport-blogger. What motives you to write every day? What is your inspiration?

A: In blogging my main purpose is to help and share my own way of thinking to others. One of the best things is to get feedback. It motivates especially if you have succeeded to inspire others. And it would be no use to do blogging if you are not interested in writing, photographing, planning etc.

GB: In your blog you are writing about overall well-being. What does well-being mean to you?

A: Well-being means to me physical, mental, as well as social well-being. Nowadays it seems that for many people it is just gym, training and eating chicken with broccoli. Well-being however grows from ones inner feelings. The size of your buttock muscles have a very low impact when other things in life are not going so well.

GB: How do you personally maintain a healthy lifestyle? How do you eat, sport and balance your mind?

A: I have learned the healthy lifestyle from my parents, so it comes automatically. I eat food that nourishes, gives a good feeling and taste. In exercising I usually follow the same formula: I do workout because I love sport! Of course it is not forbidden to go out from your own comfort zone. Training gives you the most amazing feeling. Although I like sweets I don´t need to eat candy every day, it just makes me feel sick. You need to listen to your own body. I also arrange time for relaxing by being with my family and friends, or sometimes just lying on the couch or doing yoga.

If you have to give only one tip to someone who wants to start living a healthy lifestyle, what would that be?

A: Achive the change slowly step by step. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Most of all have fun and know how to enjoy the journey towards the goals!

DSC_0149 amanda seisoo

Any comments, feedback to Amanda´s interview? Leave you thought below! :)

If you like to read Amanda`s blogposts about sporty and healthy lifestyle please visit her blog Do It Today.


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