GoodBoost – The Story


The idea behind GoodBoost arose back in February 2015, when we were hiking the rocky paths of the Puig Campana Mountain in Spain. Satu had just moved there and Anni was visiting from Berlin, where she has been living for the past 3 years. While walking and talking we soon realised that besides our much beloved home country, Finland, we shared a deep passion for sports and adventurous spirit for life! So the idea GoodBoost was born.

Through GoodBoost we want to share our knowledge, support and inspiration so you can enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle; where working, relationships, taking care of oneself and eating healthy are all aligned and working in harmony. Maintaining a happy and balanced life for everyone is our goal.

We hope you will find some inspiration on this site and of course, boost your happiness along the way. We also hope to see you taking part in the Boostcamps coming up in Finland, Germany and Spain.

This is who we are:



Satu and Anni

Anni Seppänen: Hi there! I’m a certified Nutrition Advisor and Personal Trainer from Finland, now living in Berlin. I used to work in the digital marketing field but left my last job to concentrate on my PT studies and to follow my dreams. My passions are sports, healthy eating and spending time with my loved ones. I love mountains, travelling, raw cakes and self-made smoothies. I want to help other people to find the joy of a healthy living, to feel good and of course to reach their goals.

Satu Heikkilä: Hey! This Finnish girl is a certified Yoga Teacher, studies Sports Medicine, Health Promotion and Psychology at the Uni and works as an entrepreneur as well. Being just madly, deeply in love with sporty, healthy, adventurous, unconventional lifestyle I tend to steal time as much as possible for hiking outdoors with my dog Neo. I am dedicated to promote overall health and wellbeing of the individuals and organisations.

Boosting Our Pace